My Beauty DNA©


Spa Azure now offers My Beauty DNA©

What is My Beauty DNA©? It’s a DNA test that will reflect the roll your genetics play in the aging of your skin taking into account: 

• “positive” genes: with a positive effect on our skin’s appearance and our well-being (e.g. genes that protect against cellulite, the skin barrier against pollution, inflammation, sensitivity, and glycation, levels of antioxidants, etc.) 

• “risky” genes: which could potentially harm the skin’s appearance and health (damage to collagen, cutaneous sensitivity, tanning ability, etc.) 

In total, 14 skin characteristics are studied and split into 4 main families: 

• aging

• sensitivity to the sun

• sensitivity to the environment

• skin profile 

Each of these traits is associated with a level of predisposition, graded into three degrees: minor, moderate or significant.  

How do I get one? 

  1. Make an appointment with Spa Azure to Purchase your My Beauty DNA© test kit. This must be ordered in person.
  2. Once it has arrived at our spa, we will contact you to come in to take a sample after your facial with your Biologique Recherche expert, to analyze your genetic data and be able to create your personalized report. 
  3. You will receive your personalized report listing your skin’s genetic predispositions within 5 to 6 weeks by visiting the mybeautydna website and using your personalized identity card given at the time the sample was taken. 
  4. Once you have received this report, Make an appointment at Spa Azure to share your report and obtain a highly personalized treatment protocol.