Biologique Recherche Skin Instant® Lab

The Biologique Recherche Skin Instant® Lab is a skin analysis system that takes an in-depth snapshot of your skin and monitor changes over time. It is designed to identify and provide a precise prescription of the products and treatments that are best suited for each individual.

The Skin Instant® Lab consists of five probes that are connected to a computer containing the Biologique Recherche patented diagnosis and analysis software. Each probe is used to collect the following measurements to determine your skin’s:

  1. Moisture Content: how hydrated your skin is
  2. Insensible Water Loss: water that passes through the skin and is lost by evaporation
  3. Elasticity: the skin’s ability to regain its original shape after distortion
  4. Pigmentation: brown spots and sun damage
  5. Sebum Content: how oily your skin is

As the Skin Instant® Lab gathers expert visual analysis and objective measurements, the software connected to Biologique Recherche’s database generates a selection of products and treatments that are perfectly adapted your skin. This cutting edge technology allows our Skin Experts to obtain a visual diagnosis of your skin and create a custom skin care plan that meets your specific needs. The Skin Instant® Lab also allows us to adjust your skin care plan as your skin changes.

The diagnosis is complimentary as part of the initial treatment. Please request when reserving your appointment. It will also be available to guests who wish to purchase Biologique Recherche products.