Azure Diamond Service $450/$590 (60 min/90 min)

This is our first ever head-to-toe treatment. Beginning with a Bespoke Massage to relax and refresh the body and ending with a Bespoke Facial leaving your skin smooth, plump & glowing! Service can range between 2 - 4 hours depending on your preference. Downtown location only.

 Signature Massage $185/$255 (60 min/90 min)

The Signature is our take on a Swedish Massage. It integrates long, flowing strokes, various massage modalities, and a blend of essential oils with gentle to firm pressure. Emerge relaxed and refreshed. 

Deep Tissue $195/$275 (60 min/90 min)

A more focused and therapeutic massage, targeted to release knots and tension in the muscles. Using various massage techniques, deeper pressure, and a blend of essential oils, this is perfect for alleviating tight, aching muscles and relieving pain.

Hot/Cold Stone Massage $ 255 (90 min)

Using heated Basalt Stones to relieve muscle tension in the body and cold Biologique Recherche Cryo-Sticks to reduce inflammation in the face. This hot/cold therapy is combined with a relaxing massage for a full body healing.

Biologique Recherche Pregnancy Massage $235 (60 min)

Relaxing Prenatal Full Body Massage for those in the second to third trimester. The Mother-to-be massage uses Biologique Recherche oils and creams along with gentle and relaxing massage techniques that help to unravel stress and tension in the body. The massage is highly customized to the pregnancy stage and the mother's needs, thus creating a moment of absolute serenity and bliss for the mom-to-be and her baby.

Biologique Recherche Bespoke Massage $355 (105 min)

The Bespoke Massage is the ultimate Biologique Recherche experience, starting off with a full body P50 Corps exfoliation and a detoxifying stomach massage, followed by a 105-minute full body massage with gentle stretching. Using all Biologique Recherche body oils, products, and techniques this is truly a rejuvenating and luxurious massage. *Add stretching an additional 30 minutes $75



Dry Brush $35

Start your massage with an invigorating dry brush to exfoliate dull, dead skin cells. Your skin will be refreshed, smoother and more subtle. Keep the brush for continued home use.

Hot Stone $35

A wonderful addition to any massage. Hot Basalt stones are used on a specific area of your choosing. The heat softens and warms the muscles, increases circulation, and relieves tension.

Hand Treatment $35

Application of a Biologique Recherche hand mask with a soothing massage to exfoliate the skin and finishing with a cream application to leave the hands smooth and polished.

Foot Treatment $35

Dual application of an exfoliant and mask to nourish and soften the feet, along with a stimulating foot massage and an application of a cream, leaving the feet silky and refreshed.

Cryo-Sticks $35

Anti-inflammatory treatment for the face to reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. 

Lotion P50 Exfoliation $55  

Application of Lotion P50 Corps to the full body using the Body Glove to gently exfoliate, rebalance and renew the skin. Lotion P50 prepares the skin to better absorb the products used in the massage.

Slimming Tummy Massage $55

A relaxing 15-minute abdominal massage with a stimulating Biologique Recherche oil that promotes lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins, aids in digestion, and reduces plumpness.