Body Treatments

 Signature Body Glow $255

This treatment removes dead cells and impurities from the skin and tones the epidermis. A moisturizing massage then restores a healthy outer layer of the epidermis, leaving the skin efficiently protected against harsh climate conditions (sun, wind & cold). The treatment leaves your skin refined, radiant and soft.

Algae Wrap Body Treatment $325

A detoxifying and revitalizing treatment for the body. Skin is exfoliated before a thorough application of Biologique Recherche Gel D’Algues is applied. You are then wrapped at your comfort level for 20 minutes before showering off. Treatment continues with our bespoke stomach massage and application of customized oils and creme on the legs, arms and back. 

Exfoliating Lift Body Treatment $255 for 1/2 body or $325 for full

A highly technical body treatment to tone and smooth the skin. Product application is done with ascending, circular and vibratory pinching movements. After showering, application of Biologique Recherche Serum Matriciel and Creme Matricielle are massaged into the skin.The skin is left lifted and firm.

Slim & Sculpt Treatment $255 for 1/2 body or $325 for full

Ideal for those seeking to visibly reduce cellulite. Kneading and rolling massage techniques are used during product application to activate circulation and drainage, reducing the orange peal appearance. The figure is left refined and firm.