60 Minute

All facials below are 60 minutes and priced at $255.


Azure Bespoke

Ideal for those that are unsure of the best choice for them and open to the Esthetician’s recommendations.


Stress Reducer

Utilizing the unique Soin Lissant technique from Biologique Recherche, this treatment is made of sculpting movements effectively combined with quick pulsing strokes, to hydrate, unify and calm the complexion. Skin is left glowing with beauty. Recommended for all skin, particularly stressed skin.


Renovating Lift 

This treatment uses a combination of algae powder to mildly exfoliate the skin and remove impurities with a liquid containing Hyaluronic Acid and Silk Proteins to hydrate and protect. Product application is done with ascending, circular and vibratory pinching movements. The skin is left noticeably lifted and smooth, and pores tightened. Recommended for normal, oily or thick skin.      


Detoxifying Cleanse with LED Light Therapy

This treatment detoxifies, refines, and brightens by choosing a Biologique Recherche booster according to the skin instant to heal breakouts and provide a deep cleansing. Cryotherapy is then integrated to calm and soothe and concluding with LED Light Therapy to repair collagen and kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. Recommended for skin with acne. Suggested add on Remodeling ($75)          


Remodeling Face

Combining the virtues of electric currents to tone and sculpt facial muscles, improving muscle memory and revitalizing the epidermis. The results are prolonged and reinforced with regular sessions. Recommended weekly for one month’s time, followed by monthly sessions.