Facial Services

Azure Diamond Service $450 60 minutes/$590 90 minutes

This is our first ever head-to-toe treatment. Beginning with a Bespoke Massage to relax and refresh the body and ending with a Bespoke Facial leaving your skin smooth, plump & glowing! Service can range between 2 - 4 hours depending on your preference. Downtown location only.

Azure Bespoke $265 60 minutes/ $335 90 minutes

Ideal for those that are unsure of the best choice for them and open to the Esthetician’s recommendations. 

Single Lift $265

Utilizing techniques from a customized Biologique Recherche booster to exfoliate, sculpt, lift, and hydrate. Skin is left smooth, plump, and glowing. 

Remodeling Face $265

Combining the virtues of electric currents to tone and sculpt facial muscles, improving muscle memory and revitalizing the epidermis. The results are prolonged and reinforced with regular sessions. Recommended weekly for one month’s time, followed by monthly sessions.    

Detoxifying Cleanse $195

This treatment detoxifies, refines, and brightens by choosing a Biologique Recherche booster according to the skin instant to heal breakouts and provide a deep cleansing. Cryotherapy is then integrated to calm and soothe and concluding with LED Light Therapy to repair collagen and kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. Recommended for skin with acne. Suggested add on Remodeling ($75) 

Complexion Perfector $335

A combination of deep exfoliation, exclusive massage techniques, specialty mask and products customized to individual skin types. The skin is instantly brighter, more hydrated, and radiance is boosted. Recommended for all skin types, particularly dull or pigmented skin. Suggested add on- Remodeling ($75).             

Azure Signature $335

Our most popular treatment combining the Renovating Lift or Stress Reducer to smooth and hydrate with the Remodeling Face to sculpt and revitalize, resulting in a toned, lifted, and glowing complexion.                            

Oxygen Infusion $335

Insufficient supply of oxygen to our cells causes pre-mature aging. This treatment genuinely detoxifies and reoxygenates the cells. A completely unique experience of crackling and foaming texture can be heard and felt as it is kneaded and rolled into the skin. Remodeling Face is then performed to oxygenate on a deeper level. Finally pure oxygen is hand sprayed over the entire face to further the absorption of product. A true facial for the senses to brighten, detoxify, purify, and protect. 

Red Carpet  $435

Our exclusive facial experience, this treatment combines our Azure Signature facial with a cocktail of hand-selected quintessential serums and a collagen masque application for the ultimate skin rejuvenation and photo-ready complexion. Skin is left radiant and glowing with beauty.

Triple Lift Grandeur $495

This age-defying treatment is tailored to your needs and is designed to boost cellular metabolism. Included in this treatment is deep cleansing and exfoliation for refining pores, followed by manual lifting and the application of customized serums and masks. The treatment is completed with the use of micro-current technology to deeply hydrate, lift and re-sculpt the face. 

Micro-Puncture Lab Full Face & Neck $355 (series of 4 $1278)

Including Decolette $430 (series of 4 $1548)

This treatment uses micro perforations to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and Glycosaminoglycan (including hyaluronic acid) while applying Cocktail D’actifs Regenerants to activate epidermal regeneration and revitalize the skin. The skin is better moisturized, regains its elasticity and smoothness, and appears plumped. 

*This treatment can be customized to target skin pigmentation.

Peach Fuzz Removal $175

Consisting of dermaplaning, customized mask, and eye patches to de-puff and refresh leaving the skin prepared for make-up application. 

Diamond Microderm Facial $175

State of the art, diamond tipped precision hand piece gently exfoliates and refines skin texture along with application of highly pressurized oxygen to plump and smooth the skin, leaving you with a restored youthful appearance.

Teen/Tween Clean $145

Designed to specifically address breakouts with adolescent skin, while teaching the importance of preemptive skincare.

For The Gentleman $175

Tailored to a man’s specific needs. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, a light facial massage, and customized masque help to repair the damage from daily shaving, everyday stress and environmental factors.