90 Minute

All facials below are 90 minutes and priced at $325.


Azure Bespoke

Ideal for those that are unsure of the best choice for them and open to the Esthetician’s recommendations.


Azure Signature

Our most popular treatment combining the Renovating Lift or Stress Reducer to smooth and hydrate with the Remodeling Face to sculpt and revitalize, resulting in a toned, lifted, and glowing complexion.


Complexion Perfector

A combination of deep exfoliation, exclusive massage techniques, specialty mask and products customized to individual skin types. The skin is instantly brighter, more hydrated, and radiance is boosted. Recommended for all skin types, particularly dull or pigmented skin. Suggested add on- Remodeling ($75).                                 


Oxygen Infusion

Insufficient supply of oxygen to our cells causes pre-mature aging. This treatment genuinely detoxifies and reoxygenates the cells. A completely unique experience of crackling and foaming texture can be heard and felt as it is kneaded and rolled into the skin. Remodeling Face is then performed to oxygenate on a deeper level. Finally pure oxygen is hand sprayed over the entire face to further the absorption of product. A true facial for the senses to brighten, detoxify, purify, and protect.


Expecting Moms

A plumping and exfoliating facial that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and define facial contours. The eye area is depuffed and refreshed and the skin is left unified, hydrated and calmed.